10 Overwatch Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words


Overwatch is supposed to be fun. While most of the time it kind of is, it’s also an incredibly frustrating game. Dealing with stubborn teammates, throwers, cheaters, and smurfs day in and day out is pretty exhausting when you’re trying to get on that competitive grind. However, it has one of the largest player bases and a massive community of people who absolutely understand the pain you have to go through. Next time you’re feeling down or tilted from a game that went horribly wrong, just refer back to this list of 10 Overwatch memes that any fan of the game can relate to.

10 The Literal Devil

Mei is the favorite character of quite a few Overwatch players. It’s really no surprise, especially if you’ve seen her cinematic where she adorns her cute pajama and is just overall the sweetest human being in the world. However, once you actually have to deal with her in-game, it’s a different story entirely. Have you ever been frozen by an enemy Mei and had to stand there like an idiot while she spams “Hello” in your face? It’s one of the most infuriating moments ever. Dealing with a really good Mei player is a pain anyone can understand.

9 Not This Comp Again..!

Who else is absolutely done with bunker and pirate ship comps? It’s pretty tiring to queue up to an escort or assault map in competitive, only to know that you’ll be playing against a Bastion. Especially at lower ranks, this comp is so devastating and difficult to deal with that it’s easy to dominate if the opposing team isn’t organized and properly communicating.

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Junkertown, in particular, is super notorious for being a Bastion map. And let’s not even talk about how teams run a Bastion as a last resort to secure an easy victory in comp. We’ve all been there, on both sides of the issue.

8 Hey Moira, Can You Heal Please?

Moira is definitely one of the strongest healers in the game as of now, even with the new patch on PTR putting a slight dent into her healing output. She does extremely well on brawl compositions where teams play together and at a close range. However, it’s super common to get carried away on her and tunnel vision on getting those kills rather than doing your primary job as a healer. Everyone has had to deal with that DPS Moira player who has yet to discover that they can press M1 to heal their team, let alone use Coalescence to keep their team alive. It’s not uncommon the very same person will brag about their five gold medals that mean little at the end of a lost game.

7 Stand Still, I Can’t Heal You!

Ana players have some good news, since double barrier comps are nerfed as of recently on the PTR. However, the pain of playing Ana is still one we can all sympathize with. When your team is taking tons of damage and you panic and suddenly all your shots miss, we totally understand the itch to just chuck in a nade on your Soldier 76 who’s too skinny to hit. No judgment from us. Ana takes a lot of skill and practice to get complete value out of, but sometimes even the best of Ana players will truly struggle. That’s when we need to be there to support them as a team. Next time, leave a little thank you to your Ana player, they’ll appreciate it.

6 Guess I’ll Just Die?

You know that feeling when you’re playing McCree and you’re about to hit the fattest High Noon of your Overwatch career, only to get six bullets deflected back in your face by that pesky Genji? Yeah, we definitely do. And it’s not just McCree that has to deal with this, but Zarya’s who get their Graviton’s deflected into their teams or Pharah’s receiving the full force of their Barrage back into the them.

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It’s great we have something like Genji to counter these powerful ultimates, but it’s definitely immensely irritating when it happens to you. You might as well jump off the map at that point!

5 Full Reset, Please

You always hear it everywhere, all the time: Overwatch is a team game. Well, it certainly doesn’t feel that way most of the time. In fact, it usually feels like a 6v6 deathmatch in which no one is interested in helping one another. One of the best ways to win a match is to group up after a lost team fight, but countless teams tend to play separate and just do their own thing. While splitting up is fine against major ultimates like Dragonblade or EMP or Grav, you’ll usually want to make sure all of your team is behind you. Ah well, no matter how often we say this, stubborn people will still go in first and feed.

4 Why’s The Zarya So High Charge?

So, you know those bubbles Zarya has? Yeah, those actually have another utility than just protecting her or an ally of hers, which is why you never shoot a target that has her bubble. You know your team doesn’t care about this at all when the enemy Zarya is still high charge after three minutes and hasn’t died a single time. Once she gets this momentum going, she’s one of the deadliest tanks alive and will absolutely wreck a team. Now, granted, at certain levels of gameplay, shooting the bubbles doesn’t really matter because teams will be skilled enough to focus a Zarya down, but for most of us low-level scrubs out there: don’t shoot the bubble!

3 Rein, Where Are You Going?

Every Rein player will know the temptation, that forbidden calling to charge headfirst into the enemy team in hopes to pin someone. Only, nine out of ten times, that usually results in us dying immediately. This is a pretty amateur Rein play that’s more common than you’d imagine.

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While as a Reinhardt you’re not supposed to just stand there like a shield bot, you definitely shouldn’t be too aggressive either. At least ask Ana to nano boost you next time or for the Moira to baby you with a Coalescence. But please, please… Do not charge in without knowing what the plan is!

2 Hey Hanzo, Do You Think You Could Switch?

With role queue now a permanent thing, we pretty much never have to worry about not having a healer anymore. While this is good, there are still a few problems with the system. It’s not granted you’ll always get a tank with a shield or the right DPS or even the correct healers. Everyone’s been in the situation where you try, as kindly as possible, to ask for someone to switch to a character that might better serve the team. Usually, the answer is a no, since people can be incredibly sensitive about who they main in Overwatch. Thankfully, sometimes even the strangest comps can win a match if executed properly.

1 Don’t Worry, Our Carry’s Here!

It’s no secret: Koreans are the best of the best when it comes to Overwatch. If you’ve followed Overwatch League at all, you’ll know some of the best tanks, DPS and healers come from South Korea. This mental association to excellent gameplay and Korea is what often results in people assuming every person with a Korean name must be an absolute god-like player. It’s also become a bit of a fashion statement among smurfs to have a Korean account and destroy games at low levels on DPS heroes. Let’s hope next time you have a hopeless game, that Genji called “Overtime God” in Korean is there to save you.

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