Apex dataminer unearths Heirloom weapon for Lifeline


After Apex Legends’ season three released earlier in the week, dataminers have been hard at work finding new skins and other cosmetic items from the battle royale’s recent update. Today, data miner That1MiningGuy unveiled full renders for a pair of drumsticks, what the user tags as Lifeline’s Heirloom weapon.

The drumsticks resemble retractable police batons made of wood. The two sticks have what seems to be a graffiti-like design with rubber handles and appear to be a dual wield weapon, according to That1MiningGuy. On the right stick, there is a miniature drawing of Lifeline’s healing bot.

The drumsticks can be seen in Lifeline’s default finisher, in which the combat medic spins around and hits her opponent over the head with a single drumstick before flipping the weapon in the air.

Lifeline’s Heirloom weapons will be accompanied by a Halloween event, according to files found by data miner RealApexLeaks. The lines of code suggest players can earn the cosmetic item for free by unlocking the Fight or Fright collection—a pack of 224 cosmetics. Once the event ends, the leak says, the drumsticks will be available through Apex packs like previous Heirloom sets.

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You may have seen this many times, but here you go. Was doing the renders and decided to post them together. “Shock Sticks” – Lifeline’s Heirloom #ApexLegends #Apex #ApexLegendsleaks #Apexleaks #ApexLegendsseason3 #Apexlegendsclips #Apexclips #Apexlegendsnews

There are currently only two sets of Heirloom weapons in the game—a throwing knife for Wraith and a handheld axe for Bloodhound. The two can be found in Apex Packs alongside a banner and a quip. Players have less than a one percent chance to find an Heirloom set through the game’s loot box system but are guaranteed to receive one of the cosmetics after opening 500 Apex Packs, according to EA’s FAQ page.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to announce an event for the rapidly-approaching Halloween. Since the season three launch on live servers earlier this week, however, data miners have discovered a slew of spooky-themed content in update files, including new skins and weapon charms.


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