Apex Legends: How Challenges Changed The Metagame


As many may recall, the early days of Apex Legends had settled into a rather predictable metagame. Most winning squads had some combination of Wraith + Lifeline and an acceptable third. Wingmans and Peacekeepers ran amok as the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends, and overall, there was little variety to the gameplay, despite its unique hero-based design. After all, why try to fix something that wasn’t broken?

Since then, the metagame has changed and improved in a number of ways, with Respawn Entertainment nerfing the aforementioned weapons, as well as adding new game mechanics such as the Ranked Modes. For more casual players, this has helped alleviate some of the strain of playing against more competitive players, whereas it has offered more in-depth gameplay for those who prefer the more competitive mode. The metagame differs from mode to mode, of course, but there are some general things that have changed thanks to the daily and weekly challenges. Here are the pros and cons that these challenges have brought into Apex Legends.

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Party Composition

PRO: Because daily and weekly challenges sometimes require Apex Legends players to get X knockdowns, X kills, or X amount of damage with certain characters, the variety of party composition has changed, meaning that not everyone squad faced by players will have the aforementioned combo. This is refreshing, for sure, especially when playing with randoms, as it changes up the party’s coordination and gameplay. In other words, instead of constantly facing off against or playing with Wraith and Lifelines, more players are inclined to pick others like Caustic or Mirage (who are admittedly not the most preferred characters). Hopefully, this translates over well to Apex Legends solos mode.

CON: Ultimately, while party composition does not generally affect who wins nowadays and it is more a test of skill, there are still some cons that can come of players having challenges requiring certain characters. This ranges from randoms taking a character a player has selected specifically for that challenge, or what’s worse, completing ignoring the current party composition when playing a character. There is no reason for a party to run Caustic, Gibraltar, and Wattson, but to say it has never happened just simply isn’t the case. Always keep party composition in mind when selecting characters, even if it isn’t as dominant a force as it used to be in Apex Legends.

Character Selection and Skill

PRO: Challenges that require the use of certain characters for general tasks add to party variety, but challenges that focus on the character’s skill help players improve their skill. For example, challenges for absorbing damage with Gibraltar’s shield, getting kills with Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate, or dealing damage with Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder ultimate helps players improve their skill. This results in players learning a general set of skills that apply across all character playstyles, as well as improve the use of a specific Apex Legends character.

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CON: Of course, the aforementioned scenario can be a double-edged sword when a player is trying to complete a challenge with a character who ultimately contrasts their broader playstyle. Apex Legends players who specifically enjoy the high-speed and mobility of the game, using characters like Octane or Pathfinder to get the jump on others, will feel bogged down and useless when trying to complete challenges with a heavier, slower tank character. It may help in the long run, but those growing pains will indeed be painful.

Weapon Variety

PRO: Instantly, challenges have been a way to vary up playstyles, not excluding the guns players choose. Apex Legends players who prefer the R301/AR and Alternator + Disrupter rounds combination will still have to swap it up when they get challenges for kills with shotguns, kills with Care Package weapons, or headshots with LMGs. With the Wingman and Peacekeeper nerfed from their glory days and these challenges adding some much-needed variety, it seems safe to say that skill-focused challenges in Apex Legends will be staying in future seasons.

SPECIAL NOTE: Although this is neither a pro nor a con for Apex Legends fans, we feel the need to mention how the Mozambique and P2020 have remained stagnant in the overall meta, despite the aforementioned challenges and nerfs. The P2020 actually received a damage buff, and both weapons now have the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up that deals increased damage to unshielded enemies. However, this change ultimately was so small that it could be disregarded altogether because players’ number #1 priority in the early game should still be ditching these weapons for better guns and better purple armor.

CONS: These challenges specifically highlight the content drought that is prominent in Apex Legends. Building off the aforementioned example of the LMG headshot challenge, there are only three LMGs in the game. The L-Star is locked to Care Packages, so unless players manage to nab one of those, they are left looking for an M600 Spitfire or a Devotion LMG. Then, many only consider the Devotion a viable weapon when there is a Turbocharger, which as a golden hop-up, doesn’t appear all too often.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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