Apex Legends: How To Get Purple Armor Early


In Apex Legends, the early game is as important sometimes as the endgame. Where players drop, the armor and weapons they get, and how well they can manage to stay in the ring matters. This is especially true when multiple teams drop in one location, as a firefight is inevitable, but there are ways to get the upper hand early on. Finding a weapon and some armor, then turning on the other team before they get the jump, is a key strategy, but perhaps more so than the weapon, getting the better armor can be a game-changer in Apex Legends.

Of course, weapon and armors spawns are tied to good ole RNG, so sometimes it doesn’t work out in a squad’s favor, but there are a few locations where Apex Legends players have better chances of getting purple armor early in the game. Getting this armor helps turn the tide in favor of that person’s squad, as even lower-tier weapons like the Mozambique, Prowler, or un-kitted Havoc, will at least work in the short term.

Stat-wise, the purple armor offers the same bonus to Apex Legends players as the legendary, gold armor, but it is easier to find the purple armor, generally speaking. The gold armor is great, with its special ability allowing players to full recharge their shields with a finisher, so it makes sense to swap purple armor for gold. That said, the special ability can be hard to pull off late game, so it’s more of a bragging rights thing than anything else.

apex legends purple armor

So, in the early game, purple armor is more accessible, especially when players know where to drop. There are various tactics for dropping like going for a hot zone like Skulltown or the game’s designated blue zone, or dropping far away from everyone else to have more time to gather supplies. Purple armor also has the chance of spawning in other locations and care packages as well, but those have a lower chance in Apex Legends. Those who want to almost guarantee purple armor early are going to have to be competitive, however, and drop in one of two of the hottest locations: The Pit or Thunderdome.

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The Pit

apex legends the pit

Avoiding The Pit makes sense, as it is a small, enclosed area with multiple entryways and exits, but there’s a solid chance of purple armor here. There is a small circle in the middle of Pit where some gear can be found, and right dab in the middle, there is often something purple to be found. Finding purple armor here is as likely, if not more, than finding purple armor when playing it safe in Apex Legends, but if not, then there is usually a Phoenix kit or decent gear here nonetheless. The rewards of this tactic outweigh the risk, but there is significant risk.

When dropping in Pit in pursuit of that purple armor, dropping fast is important. If players can drop straight down, we recommend that for the speed over gliding in. Then, when over Pit, players must avoid the top platform, as well as the nearby rocks, as getting too close to either will deploy thrusters, slowing entry.

The second risk is, after cleaning up the squads in there, is someone moving in from Runoff or Slum Lake to clean up the remaining squad. The best advice after defeating any enemies, grabbing the purple armor, and having decent gear is to move out. Dropping without another squad here doesn’t happen often, but if it does, that doesn’t mean players should let their guard down, especially if trying this tactic in Apex Legends‘ Solo Mode.

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apex legends thunderdome

Thunderdome is another hot drop zone that has a central, circular location with purple armor like The Pit, but it is a bit more difficult to get to in Apex Legends. Whereas players can practically drop straight down into Pit, Thunderdome-goers have to avoid the suspended platforms to get to the circular spot. Moreover, while the purple armor or phoenix kit spawning still typically happen here, there are fewer items in the immediate vicinity.

Players who drop Thunderdome for the purple armor then will want to grab it quickly, get to one of the nearby loot spots, and grab a gun. It’s more open, allowing for the Apex Legends player to get shot at from multiple angles, but the risk may prove to be well worth it in the end.

In either location, once a player has acquired purple armor, the best thing they can do is grab a gun and turn on the other enemies. Even a subpar weapon can be useful for a time when the player is equipped with purple armor, helping the squad clutch the best scenario in the early game, and then moving onto loot. As always, this strategy won’t work 100% of the time, but if Pit or Thunderdome are options, they should be considered for Apex Legends squads who feel prepared.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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