Apex Legends: How to Get Vault Key


While many Apex Legends players are currently diving into the new Shadowfall Halloween game mode on the dark King’s Canyon map, other players are simply enjoying their time in the World’s End map introduced with Season 3. One of the new features introduced with World’s End is a locked vault filled with high-tier loot. There are three vaults on the map, but players must first secure a vault key and find an opened vault to get the powerful rewards inside.

Securing a vault key is not immediately apparent, but is not too hard to do. Apex Legends players exploring World’s End have surely noticed the cargo bots flying around certain parts of the map which carry lots of different items. These glowing drones change color based on what tier gear they will drop when broken. However, these drones can also carry vault keys. When scouting the cargo bots, players may notice that some of the drones have red lights on the loot balls in addition to the “rarity” color, this means that they will have a vault key.

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To easily guarantee the best tier loot, players should shoot the drone carrying the ball, not the ball itself. The ball stops changing color when shot down off the drone, but if the ball has red on it then it will carry a key regardless of what color it is when it is shot down. While this is one of the best tips for Apex Legends season 3, the game does not let players in on this little secret.

Once players secure a key, the player holding the key will see the location of all the unopened vaults on the map. There are three in total: one by Geyser, One by Lava City, and one near Train Yard. Players should be cautious when approaching the vaults as they could be guarded by other teams waiting to ambush. While Caustic is low on the Apex Legends tier list, he certainly can cause a lot of grief when teams are attempting to open the vault.

apex legends cargo bot vault key

Inside the vault, players will find plenty of purple and gold items that can help give their team an edge. Be warned, vaults are taken off the map once opened so if another team has a vault key they will know that a team has looted a specific vault. While some of these items are incredibly rare, soon players will be able to test them in peace thanks to a highly requested game mode that is coming soon to Apex Legends. Hopefully, as Season 3 progresses, more features like the vaults will be added into the game to make mid-game looting much more interesting.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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