Apex Legends: Incredible new Pathfinder skin coming in Iron Crown Event



Apex Legends players will finally be able to play Solo matches in the Iron Crown Collection event.

Called ‘War Machine’, the all-white legendary skin overhauls how one of the most popular Apex Legends characters looks with a brand-new head and even slimmer body – doing away with the huge robot that fans have come to know and love. 

The limited cosmetic also includes incredibly-detailed graphics across the body and legs of Pathfinder, as well as an updated grappling hook system on the character’s arm. Don’t worry, however, nothing has changed about its abilities. 

Eagle-eyed members of the Apex Legends subreddit also noted that there was a dynamic aspect to the skin relating the screen in the middle of Pathfinder’s chest. 

Fans pointed out that a number of images popped up during the quick video, but the most notable ones were a strange-looking sun face, an angry red face with flames surrounding it, and an exclamation mark with a green stained-glass background. 

It wouldn’t be the first dynamic skin in Apex Legends. Back in Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier, Respawn dropped an evolving Havoc energy rifle skin for players who reached level 100 on the battle pass. 

Of course, an ever-changing character skin is different and it remains to be seen how the changing element of the new Pathfinder look will work.

Fans won’t have long to wait for an answer, however, as the Iron Crown Collection Event kicks off in-game on Tuesday, August 13 and runs right through until August 27.


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