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It happens to us all, we are gleefully minding our own business in Apex Legends, perhaps with a great team and some nice finds throughout the match, when suddenly we are killed and have absolutely no idea what happened. Well, no more! Players can celebrate that a kill-cam, a long-requested feature in the game, seems to finally be in development.

The news comes from a data miner named, That1MiningGuy, who tweeted leaked scrips purporting to show that the basic components of a kill reply feature have been added to the game. Hidden files named “KillReplayStarted( KillReplayHud_Activate)” and “KillReplayEnded( KillReplayHud_Deactivate)” indicate that players will eventually be able to see exactly what happened in their final moments, which can be an excellent learning tool to improve on performance, as seen in Overwatch and the Call of Duty series.

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In addition, That1MiningGuy also states that files were found with the words “RoundWinningKillReplay”, which seems to indicate that there will be a game-ending kill replay for the champion squad and their victims to watch.

The feature has long been requested, and may lead to another, which is the ability to watch and edit full match replays. Such a feature could be helpful in helping players learn from their mistakes and would be fantastic in the competitive scene for greater coaching. A full game replay would also help with easily identifying players who are cheating.

The ability to watch full-match replays could also assist in finding game-breaking bugs that need correcting. DrLupo recently used the replay of a match to highlight a significant glitch with the B.R.U.T.E. mech in Fortnite that resulted in the temporary removal of the unpopular item until the issue could be resolved. Without his proof offered in the form of an easily identifiable reply, the glitch might have gone on for far longer.

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A full-match replay would also allow for fan-made edits, which within Fortnite have led to some fantastic creative projects. Hopefully, the developers of Apex Legends can make this a reality sooner rather than later, though with the current release of the Wraith’s Voidwalker event, they are likely quite busy with other tasks.

For now, we can only hope that the kill replay is a project that is far into development!

Source: Dotesports.com

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