Apex Legends Shadowfall – Cool Things About The Night Map


Apex Legends players were ecstatic to learn the game’s Halloween-themed limited-time mode, Shadowfall, would give them the opportunity brawl on the battle royale’s original map.

But as they dropped in, they quickly realized Kings Canyon wasn’t quite as they remembered it.

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Shadowfall takes place in a spooky nighttime version of the map that was previously the home of the Apex Games. It’s creepy, but it also provides a stunning backdrop for a unique game mode.

Here are some reasons so many Apex Legends players are raving about the Kings Canyon night map.

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The Moon

via: Respawn Entertainment

The full moon gives parts of the arena an eerie glow. When fighting under it, players can’t help but notice how beautiful it looks against the dark mountain ridges and abandoned homes. Its light reflects on the misty grounds of Kings Canyon, making it the perfect setting for a horror movie-esque game mode.

Candlelit Rooms

via: Respawn Entertainment

Candles light up many of the rooms and buildings in Shadowfall. It makes for a visually-appealing aesthetic that reflects the spirit of Halloween. The decision to use a lot of candles in each room instead of one or two bigger ones shows careful attention to detail in developing Shadowfall’s atmosphere.

The Pit to Hell

via: Respawn Entertainment

The Kings Canyon night map gives one reason why this mostly closed-in, circular zone is called The Pit: It may actually a pit to Hell, or at least to another dimension. Those who look closely through the grates here can see a portal, which many speculate would take Legends straight into the underworld. Could this be a tease for something Apex Legends players might see in the future? This portal could be a pathway for the Revenant, the mysterious character overseeing Shadowfall. It would explain how the character arrived in Kings Canyon and took over the arena for his own take on the game. There’s speculation Revenant will become a playable character in Apex Legends, possibly as soon as Season 4.

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Fire-Breathing Leviathans

via: Respawn Entertainment

These giant animals seemed so gentle and harmless in Season 2, save for the unfortunate players who were crushed by the beings’ stomping feet. But in the game’s night mode, they appear to have become much more dangerous. Those who move by these illuminated creatures at just the right time will watch them breathe out a green, fire-like essence. 

Crate Zombies and Spiders

via: Respawn Entertainment

These creatures, which spawn from supply crates, appear sporadically within the game. As such, a Legend can go through a dozen crates without seeing one, only to be shaken when they hear a spider’s rasp or a zombie’s moan while looting. Though harmless, these creatures’ jumpscares add shock and surprise to the mode. Players can shoot them for extra loot.

Glow-in-the-Dark Flyers

via: Respawn Entertainment

On the previous Kings Canyon map, these flying creatures were useful only for their death box loot and propensity to give away enemy locations when players walked by them. On the night map, they serve the same purpose. However, they now look much more sinister with their bright green glow.

A Random Lit-Up Cavern

via: Respawn Entertainment

The entire map is dark and shadowy, save for this strange cavern area in a relatively quiet part of the arena. This small portion of the map provides a gorgeous contrast against the night sky. For players who come across it, it’s an unexpected discovery. And, because of its discreet location near Swamps, it transforms into a quiet refuge against the chaos around it.

Glowing Sludge at Water Treatment

via: Respawn Entertainment

The sludge at Water Treatment emitted a toxic glow even in the daytime version of Kings Canyon. So, it’s a no-brainer that the map’s designers opted to turn it into a glow-in-the-dark substance in the game’s Shadowfall mode. The sharp contrast makes this a neat area to traverse when evading Shadow Legends.

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