Apex Legends’ surprise launch took inspiration from Beyoncé, says Respawn


Apex Legends shocked everyone when it dropped in February with great gameplay, vibrant characters, and slick, new additions to the battle royale genre. But creating an entirely new game set in the Titanfall universe gave the developers at Respawn much to worry about, including how to sell it to fans expecting a full campaign, Titans, and incredibly agile pilots, and how to make it clear that A pex Legends was not a Titanfall sequel. After much deliberation, Respawn decided to take a page out of Beyoncé’s book and drop the game unannounced. 

Respawn’s senior direct of brand management Arturo Castro tells GamesIndustry that the studio knew they had to “rip the Band-Aid off” and not make Apex Legends “a mode in a $60 game” but “treat it as a new IP.” Doing all of this, however, could potentially alienate Titanfall fans entirely, especially across a typical six-month marketing campaign period. Plus, announcing Apex Legends to the world would give other battle royales ample opportunity to incorporate Respawn’s gameplay innovations into their games – just look at how quickly Fortnite and others added a ping system after Apex Legends dropped.


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