[Aug 12 maintenance begins] PUBG down and not working on Xbox and PS4? Here’s PUBG server status and other info


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Original story:

PUBG, as most of you may be aware, is one of the most popular online multiplayer games that has been developed by PUBG Corporation. In fact, it was recently revealed that PUBG Mobile has over 100 million monthly active users, which excludes players in China.

Well that’s a huge user base, isn’t it?


PUBG Mobile

But as is usually the case with other popular games, quite often PUBG hits the headlines for bugs/issues plaguing the game and service going down or not working. One such case has now surfaced again.

If you are on an Xbox or PS4 console and are wondering why PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) game is down for you, then we have the information you are looking for.

Relax, you are not the only one affected by this outage as the game servers have entered a planned downtime for a couple of hours. What’s appeasing is that PUBG support Twitter handle officially announced this downtime sometime ago, as well as the reason behind it.

Here’s what PUBG support said while informing users regarding this on micro-blogging site Twitter:

Xbox & PS4 Players: Live servers will enter a 2-hour maintenance on May 21 12AM PDT / 9AM CEST. During this time, we will be distributing Survival Title System Beta Season 1 rewards.

And here are the tweets informing users about this intended outage:


PUBG support’s recent tweet


PUBG support’s recent tweet

So there you go.

You’ll have to wait for a couple of hours before you can play the popular game again on your console. If the problem still persists, do let us know in the comments section below.

Update 1

Bad news: the maintenance has been extended by 2 hours. Here’s what the company just said:

Xbox & PS4 Players: Maintenance has been extended by 2 hours.

Live servers are now scheduled to be back online at 4:00am PDT / 1:00pm CEST

Update 2

Another bad news: the maintenance time has been extended for the second time – for another 2 hours.

Xbox & PS4 Players: Maintenance has been extended by an additional 2 hours and will end 6:00am PDT/3:00pm CEST

Update 3

Maintenance time is over.

Update 4 (May 22)

PUBG live servers are currently undergoing another maintenance period, which is expected to last for 7 hours (around 4 hours left as of writing).

PC Players: Live server maintenance for Update #29 has begun and is expected to last 7 hours.

Update #29 brings Vikendi loot and circle changes, Tactical Map Markers, new custom match content, QOL improvements and more!

Update 5 (May 22)

Maintenance period over:

PC Players: Live server maintenance is complete and Update #29 is now available!

Update 5 (May 28)

Another maintenance period:

Update 6 (May 28)

The maintenance period has been extended:

Update 7 (June 11)

Another maintenance today, and as is usually the case, it has been extended by 4 hours.

Update 8 (June 11)

Maintenance is now over:

Update 9 (June 27)

Yet another maintenance, but this time for 6 straight hours.

Let’s hope it doesn’t stretch beyond that.

Update 10 (July 09)

Yet another 2-hour maintenance today.

Here’s hoping the company sticks to the schedule and there’s no unwanted delay.

Update 11 (July 30)

PUBG servers are down today due to maintenance. Here’s what the company announced about this maintenance a few hours ago:

Xbox & PS4 Players: Live servers will undergo maintenance for 6 hours on July 29 10pm PDT / July 30 7am CEST.

The Deagle, BRDM-2, Ledge Grab, Improved Loot Sorting, and more will be available once maintenance is complete.

Maintenance Schedule:

PDT: July 29 10pm – July 30 4am

CEST: July 30 7am – 1pm

For more info, head here.

Update 12 (July 30)

While the maintenance is now complete, team PUBG has acknowledged a new issue. Here are the details:

Xbox & PS4 Players: We are aware of an issue where directional input is registered twice while navigating the STORE and CUSTOMIZATION menu. We are working to resolve this issue and will post an update once resolved

Update 13 (July 31)

Another maintenance today, which has now started:

PC Players: Live server maintenance has begun and is expected to last 4 hours. A hotfix will be applied during maintenance to resolve a handful of bugs. Full details can be found at the bottom of our patch notes

Below are some notable bug fixes included in the hotfix:

– Fixed issue at Paradise Resort and Hacienda del Patron which allowed players to get to unintended locations
– Fixed graphics issue with certain settings after unscoping
– Fixed unintended howling wind noise on Erangel

For more info, head here.

Update 14 (August 01)

PUBG servers are reportedly down at the moment. We’re seeing a string of complaints from users on social media platforms (see here) that say they are getting ‘Servers are too busy at the moment’ notification.

We are keeping a close watch on this, and will update the story as and when we find something newsworthy to share.

Update 15 (August 08)

Live maintenance has begun.

Xbox & PS4 Players: Live server maintenance has begun and is expected to last 1 hour. A hotfix will be applied during maintenance to resolve the Radio Message activation bug, and instances of game crashing caused by weapon charms and rendering issues.

Update 16 (August 08)

The maintenance was completed on time. Here’s what team PUBG said:

Xbox & PS4 Players: Maintenance is complete! A hotfix has been applied to resolve the Radio Message activation bug, and instances of game crashing caused by weapon charms and rendering issues. Please submit a post on our forum if you continue to experience further game crashes

Update 16 (August 12)

Another maintenance today. Here’s what PUBG Support tweeted:

Xbox & PS4 Players: Live servers will undergo maintenance for 12 hours on August 12 7pm PDT / August 13 3am CEST.

Survivor Title Season 2 will end with maintenance.

The maintenance period will be used to further investigate and collect data related to “Lost Connection to Host”

Please be aware that matches played once Survivor Title Season 2 concludes will not grant SP.

SP gains will resume with the new Survival Title Season. More information and a specific timeline will be shared at a later date

PS: To check out live PUBG server status, head here. And for more PUBG related news and stories, interested readers may head here

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