Bebe becomes the first Dota Underlords player to hit 10,000 MMR points


Dota Underlords has nearly 2,000 Lord of White Spire players, but Korean streamer Kim “bebe872” Kyuyeon is the true Lord of them all.

He’s just become the first player to hit 10,000 matchmaking rank points in Underlords, keeping himself on top of the game’s leaderboards. Fans clipped the moment when he reached and went past this milestone while streaming on Twitch.

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He was playing a combination of four Scrappy, three Warlock, and two Demon Hunter units in the match he won to reach 10,000 MMR points. He had a powerful frontline of four three-star heroes with Terrorblade, Timbersaw, Tinkers, and Clockwerk, along with Necrophos, Disruptor, and Alchemist as his main support units.

Before he reached the initial milestone, players were unsure if it was possible to get more points than that. But bebe continued playing variants of Scrappy builds during his stream and got past 10,200 MMR.

Bebe is a Lord of White Spire, which is the highest rank a player can have in Underlords. There are no divisions in this rank, unlike the other ranks in the game. Once a player hits Lord, they can’t be demoted and are instead added to a global leaderboard where they’re ranked according to how many MMR points they have compared to other Lords, which is similar to the Legend rank in Hearthstone. Bebe is the best of the best in Underlords.

His accomplishment increased his number of concurrent viewers on Twitch. Before that, his number of peak viewers over the last 30 days was 1,500, while he surpassed 2,500 on the day he blew past 10,000 MMR points.

Bebe is also a high-ranked Auto Chess player, but he’s been streaming Underlords most of the time.


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