Best Early, Mid, and Late Game Compositions in TFT Rise of the Elements


The newest seasonal set in Teamfight Tactics has completely changed the game, literally. With all-new champs, classes and even some new items, Rise of the Elements has some players feeling lost in a new Elemental world. To help navigate these uncharted waters, The Game Haus has put together what we believe to be the best early, mid and late-game compositions in TFT set 2.

Early Game

There are a few champs that dominate the early game in set 2. Among these are Vladimir, Nasus and Renekton. However, without a few luck two-cost rolls, these units are not as useful as some others that build more easily into compositions. So, instead, keep an eye out for building Woodland/Druid or Inferno/Ranger in the early game. Each has excellent synergy with few 2-cost champs, making them easy for players looking to get an early win-streak going.

druid woodland tft
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ranger inferno tft
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Mid Game

The mid-game is considerably more flexible than the early and late, and is much more dependent on 3-cost and 4-cost rolls. For example, if several Yoricks and Sorakas come through, a player could consider going Light with Mystic or Summoner. This applies to a multitude of different champs and comps, but there are a few that work particularly well in that they utilize comps that are better early-on.

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The two examples below utilize early game Rangers and early game Predators, two effective compositions to start a game with. From there, here are a couple of ways to continue building those into strong, mid-game armies.

tft ranger comp
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mid game tft
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Late Game

The late game is all about win condition and utilizing the game’s strong late-game champs, rather than trying to go for maximum class/origin synergy. Essentially, rather than looking to go for six Summoners or Berserkers like one might have done in set 1, this set is all about finding a strong unit late in the game and stacking them with items. Units with this potential are Singed, Zed, Master Yi, Olaf, Yorick and, of course, Lux.

Below are two builds that utilize several of the champs listed above into 8-unit compositions. Key elements to notice are that Electric 3 is much stronger than Electric 2, Poison is overall very effective, and having 3 Berserkers is almost never a bad idea.

zed tft
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late game tft
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This set, even more than set 1, has pretty clear lines as to what works and what doesn’t in these phases of the game, so guides like this are more valuable than ever. To continue learning more about Rise of the Elements, be sure to check out The Game Haus’s ChampionClass and Origin tier lists for Patch 9.22, which is currently live.



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