Blind Twitch Streamer Gets Overwatch Play Of The Game 4 Times


BlindlyPlayingGames, a blind Twitch streamer, impressed his followers this week when he won Overwatch‘s Play of the Game. But he outright blew their minds when he managed to earn the distinction three more times.

The streamer, who has around 4,000 followers, relies on a screen reader to read him messages from his Twitch chat, according to his profile on the streaming site. Frequently, his stream chat will type gameplay instructions, which the computer reads out loud while he listens through earbuds under his headset. He can then follow these instructions in real-time to progress through the game. BlindlyPlayingGames appeared to be using this methodology when he achieved a fantastic series of gameplay moments.

He performed the feat while playing as Torbjörn, an Overwatch hero armed with an auto-aim turret system. Torbjörn also has a Molten Core ultimate ability, which spreads hot lava all over the ground.

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A clipped video from the stream shows BlindlyPlayingGames moving his character forward, apparently in response to his chat’s instructions.

He then fired some shots and blasted lava on the ground using Molten Core. As the lava took over the ground, it wiped out four members opposing team. In the meantime, BlindlyPlaying continued to talk to his chat, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he just won his team the game.

“What happened? What happened?” he then asked. “Did we win? Oh, s–t, we won, dude!”

“I got a quad kill? I got Play of the Game… what? That’s crazy, dude,” he said.

Another video shows him playing again as Torbjörn, stationary with the turret by his side. While the opponents fought the gamer’s more aggressive teammates ahead of him, Torbjörn’s turret spewed out bullets and knocked several enemies out.

In another match, he won the Play of the Game moment as Torbjörn’s turret took out enemies while the character held back defensively in a corner.

“I think I get Play of the Game every game,” BlindlyPlayingGames said in that clip as he laughed. “I mean, like, I think it defaults to me no matter what.”

A final clip shows him escaping his opponent’s attack with a casual jump to the right, which allowed Torbjorn’s turret to deal damage to enemies.

Even more impressive, BlindlyPlayingGames has little experience playing Overwatch. He instead prefers to play World of Warcraft, which was the last game he played before he suffered permanent vision loss. He came back to the game after he became curious as to whether there was a way to play it despite his condition.

The streamer was born legally blind due to a genetic disease, with his vision at about 20/400. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that the condition left him completely unable to see.

Late last year, he shared a guide on how to play World of Warcraft as a blind person.


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