Chapter 2’ Crossover Never Happened, Why?


Fortnite has been going a bit wild with its crossover events the past few seasons, with collaborations between the game and John Wick, Stranger Things, The Avengers and the NFL. Last week, it seemed obvious that a new crossover was coming, one with IT: Chapter 2 which debuted this past weekend.

And yet the weekend has come and gone, and no crossover happened. Rather, all we got was the initial teaser that set everyone off, red “IT” style balloons attached to toilets and sewers around the map that when popped, emit an evil Pennywise laugh. It seemed like a precursor to a larger event, and yet we have made it through the entire opening weekend of the film with…literally nothing.

What the hell happened?

The way I see it, there are four options:

This Was Just An Homage: It’s possible that there was no actual advertising deal in place and that someone at Epic is just a big horror fan/IT fan and wanted to do an easter egg in the game without there being a marketing campaign behind it. After all, attaching balloons to a few random things on the map and uploading a sound file isn’t a ton of work.

This Was The World’s Smallest Crossover Deal: It’s also possible that there was an agreement for cross promotion, but it was just…very, very small. Just the balloons thing. Maybe someone at the IT marketing team was smart enough to realize that Fortnite was a game where even a tiny thing like that would get people talking, and here we are, talking about it in what I think is our third article about those damn balloons. So in that sense, mission accomplished.

The Deal Fell Apart for Some Reason: I wonder if it could be possible that the deal started to go into effect, but was nixed at the last season for some unknown reason. Maybe Epic thought an R-rated horror crossover promotion would get them in too much trouble with parents. Maybe the IT team didn’t want to spend the cash for a deal in the end. So we got the start of the campaign, but not the end with the balloons.

The Event Is Just Delayed: Obviously the smart thing to do would be to run this event before opening weekend of the movie (IT: Chapter 2 grossed less than IT this past weekend), but it’s possible this deal is still in place and is simply running later for some reason. Maybe Epic couldn’t finish the Pennywise skin in time, maybe the IT team got a cheaper deal if it wasn’t done before opening weekend or something, I have no idea. But the balloons and the laugh do seem like a crossover tease more than an homage, so I am not going to rule out the idea that this could still happen. We saw one of the John Wick skins (the Halle Berry one) debut well after the original event happened, so maybe sometimes there are just delays.

It’s a very weird situation regardless of which of these four options is true. Fans were making fanart and crafting fake challenges for the event. And it just never came. I’ll keep an eye out for it this week, but if it doesn’t come by next weekend, I don’t think it ever will.

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