Decade in Review: Our Favorite Marvel Games


“This game took Marvel storytelling to a completely new level. (Pun intended!). While there have been compelling Spider-Man games in the past, this one put me on the streets of New York and captured the FUN of being Spider-Man. Great voice acting and a compelling story only just added to the quality of this game. It definitely kicks off a bright new future for Marvel games!” — Brian Crosby, Creative Director, Themed Entertainment 

Marvel’s Spider-Man! That moment at the beginning of a swing in Spider-Man. Every time. It’s magical.” — Ryan Penagos, VP & Creative Executive 

Marvel’s Spider-Man – it’s the Spider-Man simulation I always dreamed of, packaged with a truly fresh take on the mythos and characters. Also, that Advanced Suit with the white spider? DROOL.” — Eric Gerson, Counsel, Interactive Games/Digital Media

Marvel’s Spider-Man was absolutely my favorite game from the past decade! The mechanics themselves are honestly satisfying enough that I could just swing around New York for hours, but the storyline is incredibly compelling and there’s so much to do. Everything about it is thrilling.”  — Eli Holmes, Technical Operations Manager

Marvel’s Spider-Man set an unprecedented bar for the Super Hero gaming genre. It captured the aspirational concept of being Spidey like nothing else before it – for me, this is the most definitive Spider-Man experience ever created.” Darren Montalbano, Senior Brand & Creative Manager


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