Dreams, the 7 Days Rotogravure and Destiny 2 among today’s live shows on Twitch


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We arrived on Thursday, the weekend is coming and the last latecomers will be thinking about buying a last minute gift for Valentine’s Day. So hurry up and get rid of your commitments, because even today the schedule of the Twitch channel of Everyeye.it offers you some truly unmissable events.

The first is truly … dreamy, since we are talking about Dreams, the incredible new creation of Media Molecule: a dream factory, a development software, an unconventional video game that perhaps should not even be defined as a “video game” itself, in short, a very special product. We talked about it together from 5pm, playing its Story Mode. To get ready, take a look at our Dreams review.

At 20 then we will take stock of the situation this week, with our videogame Rotogravure 7 days, an appointment now fixed in our schedule.

Just as fixed is the appointment with Destiny 2, with which we also close our programming today, after a good game session that starts at 9 pm together with Giorno Gaming.

Recapitulating therefore:

Thursday 13 February

  • 5.00 pm – Dreams: Story Mode
  • 20:00 – 7 days
  • 9:00 pm – Destiny 2 feat Gaming Day

We remind you that you can follow all our lives on the Everyeye.it Twitch Channel, and you can also find them on the YouTube channel Everyeye On Demand. See you there!

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