Epic may finally give Ninja his own skin in Fortnite


Ninja has been subtly – and not so subtly – requesting his own skin in Fortnite for over a year. According to recent Fortnite leaks, he may finally be getting his wish.

Ninja has been asking for a skin in Fortnite for well over a year. At this point, it seems like he’s all but given up his quest to be immortalized in Fortnite.

When Ninja first requested a skin in Fortnite, Epic had yet to add any real-life personalities to their game. Now, though, we have a Marshmello skin, several crossover skins, and NFL skins to name a few.

If Ninja was ever going to get a skin, now’s the time. Fortunately for him, popular data miners @Hypex and @ShiinaBR ahve both reported game files that point to a possible Ninja skin coming to Fortnite.

If anyone deserves a skin in Fortnite, it’s Ninja. Ninja has done as much for Fortnite as the game has done for him.

Sure, the game was fantastic when it came out and drew players in with its unique gameplay and style. Ninja brought the game to new heights, though, and became a household name in the process.

Ninja may have been a Halo pro and a H1Z1 streamer, but he and Fortnite are now synonymous with one another. Here’s an old clip of Ninja making a case for being included in the game.

So, what would a Ninja skin look like? An outfit similar to the Hybrid skin would be appropriate, and a Ninja headband is a must – I may be heavily influenced by Ninja’s older YouTube thumbnails here.

I think it would be fun if Epic added different hair color options to a potential Ninja skin. Anyone who watches Ninja knows that he changes his hair color almost as frequently as Epic adds items to Fortnite.

Adding slectable hairstyles would be a no-brainer if Epic eventually added a Ninja skin.

This would also open the door for other big-name streamers to get their own skins. Which streamer would you like to see in Fortnite? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteTracker.


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