ESL teases that CS:GO’s Cache rework is complete, may make debut at ESL One New York 2019


Counter-Strike map creator Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling and ESL have revealed that the new Cache update has been completed after teasing the game’s fan base over the past few months. The esports company and event organizer released a picture of Cache’s map with checkmarks on each area, confirming that the map is ready to go.

FMPONE has been slowly releasing details of the map update on his Twitter account, showing off new additions and changes, including a big change to the wall near the truck at the A bombsite. We can expect a bunch of other small changes to the map and how it’s played by competitive teams.

Additionally, ESL added an apple emoji along with the picture of the Cache map, which has made people believe that the new map will be in rotation for the upcoming 2019 ESL One New York event. This is a big possibility because Valve could change up the competitive map pool after the StarLadder Berlin Major this month.

Many professional players have expressed their distaste for Vertigo, which is the map that replaced Cache in the competitive rotation. For many people, Vertigo is horribly imbalanced for counter-terrorists because it’s too easy for terrorists to plant the bomb at the A site.

Cache was once a staple for professional Counter-Strike matches, so this new update could bring more flashy plays and smart strategies to the classic map.


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