Everything we know about Apex’s Revenant


Apex Legends fans have settled into the game’s third season, but many players are already beginning to look to the battle royale’s next features. And with the official reveal of Revenant for the Fight or Fright Collection event, many are questioning if this scary-looking robot could be the game’s next playable character—but who is this legend, anyways?

Players got their first official glimpse of Revenant with the launch of the Halloween-themed Fight or Fright Collection event earlier this month. He appeared in the event’s trailer after Pathfinder takes a Wraith portal to an alternate dimension. He stands on a building and invited the recon legend to partake in “[his] games”—or Apex’s new limited-time game mode named Shadowfall, in which players respawn as zombies and fight against the living.

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Data miners first discovered Revenant in August shortly after the Iron Crown Collection event launched. With the update came new files, which contained a short description of the character and a list of abilities. He’s described as having two forms: “Regular Stance” and “Shadow Stance.”

His passive ability, which is named Infiltrator, is shared between forms and allows him to walk faster while crouched and climb walls higher. For his Regular Stance, however, he has two tactical abilities—one fires a poison dagger and reveals the target’s location, while the other launches a poison bomb that damages and slows any targets hit in a small target location.

Revenant’s Regular Stance ultimate ability is named Death Recall in the files, and it’s described as a totem which the legend can drop in an area to protect users from death. Those who are either killed or downed will be returned to the totem with 20 health.

In his Shadow Stance form, his first tactical ability, named Shadow Walk, allows Revenant to move silently and faster for six seconds and resets cooldowns on kills. His second tactical is named Shadow Step and sends out a Shadow Revenant, which the real Revenant can then teleport to.

The files describe Revenant’s Shadow Stance ultimate as a doorway through walls that last five seconds. This may be the way Revenant would switch forms if Respawn carries through with the character’s duality—although the Apex developer may decide the character is too overtuned prior to his release and redesign Revenant’s kit to a single form.

Respawn may have given fans a sneak peek of the character with the game’s Halloween event, but it failed to give any indication of when Revenant could be joining live servers. Considering the developer’s recent release schedule, however, fans should expect characters to be released every three to four months. This puts the release date for the mysterious robot legend closer to the start of 2020.


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