Fortnite Guide: How To Find Every Can In The Lost Spray Cans Challenge


We’re another week deeper into Fortnite Season X, which means there’s a new batch of challenges for Battle Pass holders to complete in the extremely popular battle royale game. Week 2’s set of missions is called Spray and Pray, and most of the tasks vaguely revolve around graffiti, such as one that asks you to find lost spray cans. If you’re not sure of where to look, you could spend hours going over the whole map, or you could accept our help: we’ve put together this guide to help you complete the challenge.

Where Are The Spray Can Locations?

The spray cans you need to find for this challenge are hidden all across Fortnite’s island, and they’re quite small, making it difficult to track them down if you don’t already know where to look. There are several of them in total scattered around the map, but you only need to find five to finish the task. We’ve marked down the locations of the ones we’ve spotted below.

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  • Junk Junction: Next to a pile of garbage at the top of the area
  • Viking village: Next to the tree at the foot of the waterfall
  • Umbrella-shaped mine: Next to a stack of barrels at the bottom of the area
  • Pressure Plant: Next to a pillar at the bottom of the lava stream
  • Shifty Shafts: Enter the mine, then make a left and break through the wall
  • Next to a tent near the nightclub northeast of Happy Hamlet
  • South of Paradise Palms, next to a tree near the scrapyard

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where to look, completing the challenge is simply a matter of going to the right areas, then walking up to the spray cans and searching them. You’ll know you’re close to one when you see graffiti scrawled on a nearby object or wall–that’s your signal there’s a spray can nearby. Once you’ve searched five of the cans, the challenge will be complete and you’ll earn 10 Battle Stars for your trouble.

Developer Epic Games is handling challenges a little differently this season. This time, the studio is grouping missions into different themed sets, like the aforementioned Spray and Pray tasks. These are only available to Battle Pass holders; unlike past seasons, Epic is no longer offering some challenges for free to everyone, so you’ll need to pick up a pass if you want to get access to these missions. If you need help completing some of this season’s objectives, you can find maps and guides in our ongoing Fortnite Season X challenges roundup.

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