‘Fortnite’ Just Hotfixed In Nerfs And Buffs For Snipers And SMGs Without Saying Anything


Fans are starting to get a bit tired of Fortnite’s new “no patch notes” era here in Chapter 2 where they just put things live in the game and it’s up to players and dataminers to figure it out.

That has happened this past week with the arrival of the Harpoon Gun, but also with a hotfix that just went live today that has some pretty significant impact on two of the most popular weapons in the game, SMGs and snipers.

The hotfix alters reload times pretty heavily, nerfing common and uncommon versions while buffing epic and legendary versions. Here are the changes:

SMG reload time:

Common: 1.80 > 2.42

Uncommon: 1.75 > 2.31

Rare: 2.20 > 2.20

Epic: 2.09 > 1.80

Legendary: 1.98 > 1.75

Bolt-Action sniper reload time:

Common: 2.35 > 3.30

Uncommon: 2.50 > 3.15

Rare: 3.0 > 3.0

Epic: 2.85 > 2.50

Legendary: 2.70 > 2.35

It seems the overall goal here is to make lower tiers of these guns more unwieldy to use, and to make the higher tiers more desirable and effective, just so there’s a wider disparity across all the different flavors. Some of these are really significant. Common SMGs are getting a 30% nerf to reload speed, while common Bolt-Action snipers now take a full second longer to reload, probably more like a 40-45% nerf. That’s wild. The buffs aren’t quite as extreme, a 0.2 second drop for Legendary SMGs and a 0.35 drop for Legendary Bolt-Actions.

I too am getting pretty tired of Fortnite’s lack of transparency when it comes to new updates and changes. It’s pretty wild that the biggest game on earth right now is refusing to release regular, detailed patch notes after doing so for the ten previous seasons, and when pretty much every other game does this all the time. I really cannot understand their rationale for doing this. You can go with the “exploration” idea where they want players to discovery things like new items in the game itself, which I suppose I can buy, but value changes like these should be publicly broadcast so players know how to adjust their playstyle accordingly. It’s ridiculous that fans have to rely on dataminers and news articles like this one to get current information for big changes being made to the game.

We’ll see if patch notes come back in force at some point, but for now, we’ll continue scrounging for answers any way we can.

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