High Noon Ashe, Hecarim, and Darius revealed for League patch 9.20


Brand new High Noon skins have been revealed on the League of Legends PBE to hype fans up for their release in Patch 9.20.

The trio joins the ever-growing lineup of other High Noon champions that include the likes of Lucian, Thresh, and more.

Strangely enough, Riot has not yet released (to our knowledge) a PBE preview of the skins in action before the splash art and models were revealed on the PBE.

Regardless, the new High Noon Skins include:

High Noon Ashe


High Noon Hecarim


High Noon Darius


No prices for the skins have been revealed yet but we expect them to follow previous trends and be priced at 1,350 RP each. There has also been no reveal of a Prestige skin, and we don’t expect there to be one this time around based on Riots Prestige plans.

The skins will be released with the 9.20 patch in two weeks time.


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