Infinity Ward Reveals Fun Fact About Modern Warfare Character Watches


Modern Warfare Character Watch

It appears as though Infinity Ward has implemented extreme detail on even the minor aspects within Modern Warfare. A fun fact has surprisingly come to light regarding watches within the game, courtesy of a new comment from the Call of Duty developers’ studio art director.

Modern Warfare Teaser

Infinity Ward recently revealed a new teaser for Multiplayer which showcased how matches begin as you descend to the ground in a chopper helicopter. This is not the only vehicle players will prepare for battle in, for full clarity.

In addition to a first look at the new Modern Warfare Gun Runner map, the character’s watch towards the end of the short teaser also caught fans’ attention – despite it being such an insignificant part of the upcoming title.

The addition to the game resembles MW2 and MW3 as some of the playable Multiplayer characters in the critically acclaimed titles wore a watch. After all, this is what you’d expect while Modern Warfare is a reboot of the series.

NEW INTEL: You can play as female characters in Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

Modern Warfare Watches Read Time Off PS4, Xbox One or PC

The minor feature caught players’ attention so much so that a new post on Reddit surfaced about it. In a slightly disappointed tone, Redditor u/Deku_911 basically claims that the watch is only there for aesthetic purposes rather than to showcase the real-time.

Modern Warfare Character Watches

Infinity Ward’s Joel Emsile has surprisingly responded to the matter. It has now been confirmed that the watches do actually read the time off of your PS4, Xbox One or PC, which is real-time and not game time. Of course, the prospect of it being there for aesthetic use still remains a strong possibility.

Although this is extremely small news, it really does showcase the efforts Infinity Ward has been through in a bid to increase the detail of Modern Warfare. And yes, the finer aspects really do make a difference.


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