Korean Models Stream on Twitch, Get Banned Within Hours


Twitch went a little crazy on Sunday after four Korean models wearing swimsuits, negligee, and other various attire started streaming within the platform’s Just Chatting category. While streaming, the girls ate snacks, danced, played games with viewers, and swam in a pool with a see-through wall. They also routinely changed outfits while off-camera. At its peak, the streams had over 20,000 viewers, but after streaming for just over five hours across four different channels, Twitch shut down the streams and banned each of their accounts.

The four different accounts, which went by the names sooflower, edoongs2, chobiman0125, and damicoss, were each banned at approximately the same time. Twitch hasn’t provided a comment regarding the bans, which is the platform’s policy, but the reasons for the bans can be assumed. Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that sexually suggestive content is prohibited, as is clothing that is intended to be sexually suggestive. Clothing and stream activities are just two factors that Twitch uses when evaluating reports of sexual conduct.


Details regarding the four women and their streams are difficult to come by, given the translation barrier. All four women have Instagram accounts, though two have relatively small followings. damicoss has accrued a following of over 70k, however, and lists herself as a cosplayer and streamer. Two of the other women list their Twitch accounts on their Instagram accounts, implying that they’re veterans of the platform. However, it’s difficult to verify that now that their accounts are banned.

Within certain vocal minorities of the Twitch community, a controversy regarding the bans is growing. These communities claim that they’re confused as to why the four Korean women were banned while other women who stream while swimming in a pool were not. This criticism does ring hollow given the very clear sexually suggestive content shown on each livestream.

Sunday’s livestreams will definitely start further conversations regarding Twitch and its policies, though. For one, why the livestreams were allowed to continue for over five hours is especially curious. It channels similar questions as to when pornography was shown as a suggested stream on Ninja’s channel recently. If the content of these four streamers channels broke the rules, why weren’t they banned immediately?

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