LoL: Facecheck,; the best LoL Addon Apps


Champions, masteries, items, builds, counters — League of Legends is overflown with things to know and learn. Over the past ten years, we surely had the time to grasp this knowledge, but it is certainly hard to remember everything.

That’s precisely what the following addons apps are aiming to do: free ourselves from the burden of knowledge that playing League implies.


“The League of Legends tool that does it all. Automatically.”

League of Legends

This is the number one app used all over the world by most tryhards, its main strength being its complete automation. Did you forget to take Smite? Don’t worry, Blitz can auto-import runes, summoners and items builds.

It also includes a live draft analysis, allowing you to check both your opponents and your teammates’ stats before the game even begin, a complete database of champions including pick/ban rate, win rate, and counters.

You’ll be able to find champion guides, with very detailed builds, as well as a match history that allows you to track your progress.

The app also integrates Teamfight Tactics, helping you out with team compositions matching the current meta, and item building.

  • You can download it here.


League of Legends

It’s the new app that tries to take the crown of, and it certainly has some good arguments. While it pretends to do the same things, it also brings a focus on trends: what are the picked and banned of the current season, the most popular builds, etc. It also allows you to compare your stats with the average player stats, meaning you can learn by yourself through identifying your weaknesses and your strengths.

You can also create your own champ playstyles and share them with other people using the app. Such as Blitz, you can directly push runes build from the app to the client in one click.

The app also integrates information about your opponents and teammates: previous builds on specific champs, runes, stats, etc.

  • You can download it here.


League of Legends

Comparable to Blitz or to Facecheck, Mobalytics also contains an auto-import tool that makes your life much easier when starting a game.

It also includes pick and ban recommendation based on the meta, as well as in-game stats of your opponents and teammates.

  • You can download it here.

LoL Sumo (Android, iOS)

League of Legends

LoL Sumo is THE ultimate League of Legends database. This companion app that you can download on your smartphone will help you build properly your champion according to your matchups.

In short, while it doesn’t provide the same tools that the previous mentioned app (such as auto-import), it allows you to strengthen your overall knowledge about the game. Overall, it’s a great app because it won’t give you thousands of builds to scroll through, but rather one big guideline to follow depending on your opponents and your teammates.

  • You can download it here.

League Friends (Android, iOS)

League of Legends

This one is kind of a cheesy one since it’s not a Windows app, and since it doesn’t bring that much knowledge about the game. However, this is the only official app developed by Riot and it is the only one that allows you to keep in touch with your friend list. It also contains news, videos, and links to streams.

Moreover, it contains the schedule of most esports competition, as well as the link leading to the VODs of the previous matches.

League Friends isn’t an app that will help you become better at the game, however it will allow you to keep contact with the LoL community wherever you are.

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