Mobile Reveals November 1 Community Update


Call of Duty: Mobile has published November 1 Community Update on Reddit detailing new additions in the game. The community update reveals that the game will continue the ongoing Halloween event and introduce new limited time game modes, challenges, and the Airborne Chip.


The Battle Royale mode will come with the Airborne Chip, which allows players to fly and drop in on unsuspecting enemies. The Airborne Chip and Airborne Class Event will be available from November 4 to November 11. While, the Rockets Only Mode and Challenge will last until November 7. The Weekly Battle Royale Challenge will start on November 4 and end on November 10. Along with these, the game will also include login events and Personal Milestones. Some of the Personal Milestones will offer new weapons like the MSMC Abnormality, cosmetics, or other items.

Call of Duty: Mobile has also addressed the issue of bots in Multiplayer and Battle Royale game modes. The November 1 Community Update reads, “We added bots into Call of Duty: Mobile to provide a way for new players to grow, learn, and thrive without the constant threat of a full team of higher level & more experienced players continually dominating them.” Bots won’t be a part of Ranked Matches and players will witness a decreasing number of bots as they continue improving their skills.

The developers of Call of Duty: Mobile have also addressed the issue of hackers and encouraged players to report cheaters in-game and via social media channels.


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