‘NBA 2K20’MyTeam Unlimited $250K Esports Contest Heads Into Its 2nd Year


Last year, Dymaris Jones aka SkippTooMyLou win the NBA 2K19 MyTeam Unlimited grand prize in a $250,000 tournament. Can he defend his title or will another skilled 2K gamer dethrone him?

The second annual MyTeam Unlimited Tournament for PS4 and Xbox One gets underway with qualifiers on October 12, November 16, December 14, and January 18, 2020. The tournament is a 5-on-5 head-to-head style competition played on NBA 2K20’s MyTeam Unlimited mode.

Sixteen gamers per console will advance beyond the qualifiers to compete in a single-elimination tournament for a trip to NBA All-Star 2020 and the $250,000 grand prize. In last year’s competition, more than one million players started the journey, and they collectively played more than 15 million games over a five-month span.

The rules for qualifying haven’t changed much since last year. Ten Unlimited wins are required for participation on the qualifying days listed above. Hopefuls must compete on multiple qualifying days during the four-hour time limit to be eligible. Each win earns points toward their score which will dictate their eligibility to move on in the tournament.

The single-elimination portion of the tournament starts on January 25, and there will be 32 qualifiers going head-to-head until one player is left on each console. The players that emerge from each console will head to the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago where they can attend All-Star festivities, but they will also play a best-of-three series on the Xbox One to determine the winner of this season’s $250,000 grand prize.

This tournament, competition and mode aren’t to be confused with the NBA 2K League. While last year’s tournament field included several players from the league, the style of play and mode are different. The NBA 2K League is based on the Pro-Am mode, which has players using their created characters and teaming up with four others to compete against a team of five human-controlled players.

The $250K tournament follows the more traditional head-to-head style gaming, only the teams are constructed like a fantasy squad via MyTeam, which is a digital card collection mode.

Follow NBA 2K’s MyTeam Twitter account for the latest information beginning with the first qualifying day on October 12.


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