Overwatch 2 references Apex Legends in its new game mode


Overwatch 2’s new mode Push seems to reference the Apex Legends character Pathfinder in a random voice line heard from the robot companion (via Dexerto).

Push is a six-versus-six player mode unique to Overwatch 2. The teams – who may include original Overwatch players – must battle to help a hapless robot push its cargo towards their own side of the map. Once one team secures the cargo, victory is theirs. Push has gone down a treat with those who got to play it at BlizzCon, and everyone is taken with the chirpy omnic chum.

If it is intentional, it’s a nice nod to the championed competitive game from EA and Respawn Entertainment. Overwatch has plenty of riffs and parodies of other media, including The Princess Bride, Disney’s Frozen, BBC’s Sherlock, and of course, Hearthstone, StarCraft, and Diablo. New heroes and new maps are set for the sequel, so it’s very possible we’ll see and hear other references to the battle royale in these additions. 

Overwatch 2 is in development now.


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