Overwatch Fan Builds Working, Real-Life RIP-Tire


YouTube inventor Colin Furze built a working version of Junkrat's RIP-Tire for a sponsored video

Overwatch fan and mad YouTube inventor Colin Furze uploaded a video Thursday showing him building a working version of Junkrat’s ultimate, RIP-Tire.

In the video, which is sponsored by Blizzard, Furze starts by dismantling a chainsaw engine so that it would fit inside of a tire. He then assembles the gear mechanism that will create drive for the tire, builds a cage around the whole thing, then creates a remote control to rev the engine. Finally, he puts an arm on the back to let the whole thing push itself forward.

To show it off, Furze drives the tire straight through his back fence before taking to an open airfield to display its top speed.

A second video ups the tire’s destructive power by creating a launching system, and a planned third video will propel a full monster truck-sized wheel off the launching system for maximum damage.

Furze’s YouTube channel is full of ridiculous inventions, many inspired by video games and pop culture. He’s previously built the wrist-mounted axe and deployable shield from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but this build was his first foray into Overwatch.

Photo courtesy of Colin Furze


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