Overwatch X Dark Souls is that, of course, to confirm


Story missions in Overwatch encouraged the community to show the gaming process of history.

Mission to Overwatch, seems to be created in a fun atmosphere. Although boss battles, however, this is hard to find in shows of the mission of mystery, a bit of helplessness, of uncertainty.

We have certain goals that must be fulfilled and all the funny issues of the characters. The players show that it can be done differently.

Overwatch X Dark Souls

One of Youtuberów decided to create a connection, Overwatch and Dark Souls. However, this is more animation on Youtube with elements taken from Dark Souls, and you can feel the atmosphere of which was to show the creators.

The fragment starts at 02:54, while the entire film quite enjoyable.


It looks really great. Something different, without these joyful jumps and pogadanek Stripes, a little more mysterious and ominous. I wonder if Blizzard will decide on several missions, including the hotel where we will have the opportunity to break down.


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