PUBG Community Manager Explains Upcoming Changes to Map Selection


PUBG community manager Hawkinz wrote a Tweet thread Wednesday explaining the developer’s decision to switch North American first person servers to a purely random map selection system.

According to Hawkinz, PUBG players have complained for months about being unable to join matches with the map of their choice, instead becoming stranded in queues for an unreasonable amount of time. Their only other option was to join the Sanhok-only queue.

By removing the option for players to select the map they want to play, PUBG Corp can put all players into a single queue and significantly reduce queue times.

Because each region has its own unique matchmaking problems, only North American first person players will be pushed into random match selection. Each map will have a 25% chance of being selected.

“We want to ensure players can play PUBG at all times of day,” Hawkinz wrote, “without worrying if the game is ‘working’ or not. With full selection, this wasn’t the case.”

“We know players want to select which map they want to play, but without causing major matching delays in some game modes or times of day, [that’s] not possible currently.”

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp


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