PUBG Corp Will Wipe Stats Before the Start of Season 4


PUBG Corp responded to a question on Reddit on whether the stats will carry over for the next season. The answer is no.

While this information was shared a bit a bit ago, many in the community never saw and posted these type of questions.

PUBG Corp’s community manager explained the plan for Season 4, “Career stats will be wiped once Season 4 begins. This means that any stats that are collected between now and the start of the Season will not be counted. Any SP that is earned once the Preseason begins (which has not yet begun) will carry over to Season 4 once it starts.”

Season 4 has already begun for PUBG PC players, but it has yet to go live for console players. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have been told Season 4 will arrive “late summer.” This will bring the Aftermath battle pass, the Erangel rework, and new balance changes.

This is the perfect opportunity to practice with certain weapons or try new things. If you play cautiously to protect your stats, not to worry. Nothing will carry over, so drop hot and push for frags or land at new spots to learn different parts of the map.

Now is the time to explore before Season 4 releases.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp


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