PUBG Player Gives Up Rather Than Be Killed


What goes in inside the mind of the average PUBG player? Murderous rage abounds, certainly. Perhaps an appreciation for the absurd. But ultimately our fellow human is an enigma.

This clip from u/Harplatz, posted to the PUBG subreddit Aug. 5, provides a compelling snapshot of the chaos in the player’s brain.

The clip begins with Harplatz running through the wastes of Miramar when they spot an enemy standing atop a faraway apartment roof. Harplatz hits the deck, then uses the scope on their Mini 14 to line up the distant shot.

Harplatz lets fly three shots on the still-standing and unsuspecting opponent, but it’s difficult to tell whether or not they land. Before Harplatz has a chance to line up more shots, the rooftop enemy starts to run.

In a perplexing turn of events, the enemy sprints straight for the side of the building — several stories high — and jumps right off to certain death. Harplatz watches the action through their scope from hundreds of meters away.

What brings the PUBG player to suicide? Is it pride, an unwillingness to submit to their opponent? A drive toward pure chaos? The world may never know.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp/Harplatz


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