PUBG’s Aftermath Survivor Pass Includes New Skins


With season 4 of PUBG underway, the biggest change perhaps is the revamp of the original map, Erangel. However, PUBG Corp. has added a whole bunch more, including a new Survivor Pass. This season’s Survivor Pass will be known as Aftermath.

Just like in the previous versions, players can unlock cosmetics by levelling up their passes. Levelling up con be done by gaining XP via gameplay and completing challenges. The Aftermath Survivor Pass has around 75 cosmetics up for grabs.


Another new feature added this season is the Co-op Mission. Players will work towards fulfilling a common goal; each player’s efforts will contribute towards reaching a certain common goal. Once achieved, all players owning the Aftermath Survivor Pass will be rewarded.

The Aftermath Survivor Pass also introduced the new Red-Zoned UAZ skin along with more weapon skins, clothing, and jackets.

The PUBG Season 4 Aftermath Survivor Pass costs Rs. 649 on Steam. PS4 and Xbox One versions will be coming late Summer.


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