Q&A Deluxe today on Twitch: we are waiting for your questions!


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What is that Valentine’s day if not the party of lovers? And isn’t what we feel about video games love? So today you can trnquillamente spend the day in the company of beloved video games, and why not, even in our company, since we will be live on Twitch practically the whole day.

Indeed, at 15 the protagonists will be you, given that there is ours Q&A in Deluxe version, which means that for two hours we will dedicate ourselves to answering your questions and curiosities about the videogame world. Start writing your questions in the comments of this news, and the most interesting will be read during the live broadcast.

At 17 then it’s time to give them a good reason, to fight a little the melancholic climate that is full of this day, and here we will try together with Cydonia in a nice session of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (by the way, have you seen the Smash Fighter Pass launch trailer?).

Finally we close at 9pm with our now usual appointment with Cyberpunk Fever: today Be_Frankie will talk about Satellite Reign. To recap:

Friday February 14th

  • 15:00 – Q&A Deluxe
  • 5:00 pm – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cydonia
  • 9.00 pm – Cyberpunk Fever: Satellite Reign feat. Be_Frankie

Not a bad little program, right? To follow him with us, subscribe to the Tey channel of Everyeye.it, or watch all our live also on deferred on the YouTube channel Everyeye On Demand. See you there!

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