Rainbow Six Siege will get secondary gadgets that let attackers carry a little Thatcher or Thermite in their pocket


Ubisoft wants to crack Rainbow Six Siege’s attacking meta wide open. Currently, team composition feels hamstrung by the importance of hard breachers and electronic disabling operators like Thermite, Hibana, and Thatcher. On certain objective locations, attackers are at a huge disadvantage if they can’t pop open a key reinforced wall. To add more variety to the meta, Ubisoft plans to distribute these roles to more operators via new secondary gadgets.

The first one, announced by Ubisoft during the Six Invitational 2020, is a small hard breaching tool for attackers. Speaking to lead game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle, it’s clear that this secondary gadget can partially fill the role of a hard breacher. Halle still wants dedicated hard breachers to be the best at their jobs, but the mini breach tool will be no slouch.


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