Respawn rolls out banwave for Apex Legends players abusing quit exploits


The bug itself is relatively simple to pull off — once two of your teammates have been knocked down or elimination in a ranked mode, hitting Alt+F4 will eject you from the matchmade lobby.

Because you appear to have been ‘booted’ from the game, Respawn’s loss forgiveness is deployed, saving your RP spent for entering the competitive mode. This forgiveness also applies to all members of your team, meaning all three players lose zero ranked points.

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn are cracking down hard on game-quit exploit abusers.

Respawn moved quickly to put the quitting-exploit on the ‘no-go’ list, warning players that they will be temporary banned from Apex if they are caught avoiding RP losses, and added the bans would increase for repeat offenders.

“We’ve temporarily banned players detected to be heavy abusers of quitting the game to avoid penalties in ranked,” Respawn producer Drew McCoy said. 

“PC players have been able to leave matches early without incurring a loss of ranked points. Going forward we will not hesitate to punish players who abuse new exploits and will increase penalties as we see fit, including permanent bans and revoking RP.”

Recently, a Twitch streamer was caught employing the bug while broadcasting to save himself a few RP. The streamer was among the first banned for the exploit.

A similar style bug also reared its ugly head in the game’s Xbox One version, where players were able to quit the game through the console’s dashboard features to avoid being docked points for being eliminated, though McCoy confirmed this banwave is PC-based for now.

Unfortunately, while Respawn seems to be swinging the temporary banhammer on Alt+F4 exploiters, it seems like they haven’t found a fix to the problem just yet.

McCoy’s statement didn’t include anything about a solution to players avoiding RP losses beyond simply barring them from playing Apex for a limited amount of time, which means players may continue to face the issue across their Season 3 grind.

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn’s Alt+F4 banwave has already begun on live servers.


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