Rick Fox explains why he feels “f***ed” by Echo Fox decision to sell LCS team


Former NBA star and Echo Fox owner Rick Fox revealed that the incident involving a shareholder which forced Echo Fox to sell their League of Legends franchise slot in the LCS has left him ‘feeling fucked.’

The former Boston Celtics star has had an unfortunate last few months at the helm of Echo Fox after allegations surfaced that an Echo Fox shareholder had issued threats and made racist remarks towards other executives.

After conducting an investigation of their own, The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) issued Echo Fox with an ultimatum, giving them a period of time to remove shareholder Amit Raizada from their board, or be forced to sell their LCS franchise spot.

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Rick Fox is known for his passion for the popular MOBA, League of Legends.

After failing to remove the controversial investor, Echo Fox submitted a proposal to Riot Games to sell its slot in the LCS to a new ownership group, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, according to ESPN.

The new group, which has already invested in esports and currently owns top Overwatch team LA Gladiators, is set to take over Echo Fox’s slot for a reported $30.25 million fee, pending Riot Games approval.

The Echo Fox Owner, who had revealed his intentions to leave the esports organization when the news first broke, was not happy with the sale of the LCS franchise slot revealing on the GG Podcast that he “felt fucked and completely bent over,” as well as being “unappreciated by the entire group of (Echo Fox) Investors.”

Rick Fox continued to list his emotions he had experienced surrounding the sale of the LCS slot, claiming that he was ‘sad, numb, angry, disrespected and unappreciated,’ as well as blindsided by the actions of the Echo Fox shareholder.

Despite things not going the way he would’ve wanted with the Echo Fox organization, Rick Fox explained that he still enjoys being a part of the esports community and held nothing against it for what had happened, adding, “The (esports) community is great.”

When later asked what was next for the former NBA star, Rick Fox responded by expressing he had no idea what his plans would be following the Echo Fox LCS sale: “I hear your question and I do not know.”

Many fans are hoping that Rick Fox will continue to be involved in esports if he does decide to leave Echo Fox in the near future, as he is one of the more interactive personalities who always displayed his passion for competitive gaming.


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