Ridgeview Rises with ESports


Speech to Text for Ridgeview Rises with ESports

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nats of kids playing video games it ridgeview high& nats pop transforming this classroom into a competitive arena. before it was about teamwork, camaraderie& but now its giving them a sense of normalcy. eric lefevers is social science teacher by day& and e-sports coach after classes get out. he competitive gaming & but he sees the value for students here. we don that many sports or clubs. it tough at home. hunger, i don have transportation. but when we are doing this stuff, it don matter. ridgeview high serves at-risk kids and lost its campus to the camp fire. i quicker on a problem. dustyn seale plays offense on the team. say, if someone is blocking our path, i can problem solve with the rest of my team to get rid of that problem. and for sole- female team member lee marie chamberlain, her gender does not play a factor once she hops online. it just matters how you can best support your team and help them win. the team starts training for the upcoming fall season soon. they will compete against high schools across the nation. with the world the way it is, the way it is right now. this is the perfect escapism. e-sports providing a path to normalcy for students here, fostering skills to help them level up in the game of life. take reporter ú and we wish the students on the team all the best as they head into the upcoming competitive season. reporting in magalia, stephanie lin action news now. the e-sports team at ridge view high start training for the new season this week& they will be competing in the popular game, overwatch? ### a couple in


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