Riot Games reveals big Ivern changes to “potentially put something in for preseason”


League of Legends fans know Ivern as a very niche pick for junglers, but Riot Games has unveiled a few possible changes to the champion that could raise his viability ever so slightly.

Game designer Blake “Squad5” Smith made sure to note that these changes are aimed “to potentially put something in for preseason,” although he did say that none of these changes are guaranteed to ship just yet. These changes are also focused on making improvement to the champion’s quality-of-life and accessibility.

Blake Smith on Twitter

Testing out some changes for Ivern, aiming to potentially put something in for preseason (not guaranteed to ship or anything). Want to do some QoL/Accessibility focused improvements. Thoughts from Ivern players?

First off, Ivern will always be a ranged champion instead of alternating between melee and ranged while in the brush. As a result, his W is also being changed so that he doesn’t gain additional attack range. Instead, allies who are in Ivern’s player-made brushes are granted his bonus magic damage.

The last big change that is being made to Ivern is his ultimate ability, Daisy. The giant rock golem is no longer a controllable pet—she will now fight enemies wherever she was spawned in for her entire duration and will prioritize the closest champion as target. Ivern can still make Daisy jump to a target with his Q, though.

Squad5 said that controlling Daisy has always been difficult, so making an uncontrollable version of her should allow Riot to add more power to her or to Ivern’s kit as a tradeoff. The developers have also re-scripted Daisy, which they hope will limit her bugginess in the future.


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