SUPERLIMINAL Hits The Epic Games Store After This Weekend! — GameTyrant


From the recent announcement that Superliminal, the game previously known as the Museum of Simulation Technology, by Pillow Castle Games to a launch date announcement, I don’t think anybody expected the release to be so close. Maybe there has been a long wait for those that have been following the game during its previous title and development, but now we will get the official feature title on Tuesday, November 12th! Although, instead of hitting the Steam store they have decided to go with the Epic Games Store, which is generally the same thing in my opinion.

The new launch trailer shows off some more of how the forced-perspective aspect of the game is utilized all while showing how strange the game’s progress is going to be. Soon we will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of solving odd and mind-warping puzzles that force us to think outside of the normal structure of puzzle-solving. Be prepared to put yourself into a strange, surreal lucid dream as you wake up to find yourself in a reality that is unlike the one you know.

What do you think about this odd puzzle game utilizing our perspective to challenge us?


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