TF Blade’s team wins League of Legends Twitch Rivals NA



Published 24 Jan 2020, 14:29 IST

24 Jan 2020, 14:29 IST

TF Blade
TF Blade’s team wins Twitch Rivals, dropping only 1 game in the whole tournament

The first League of Legends Twitch Rivals, which included some of the most popular league streamers, has ended with TF Blade’s team Limit Test lifting the trophy!

Eight of the best and most popular League streamers that included LolTyler1, Yassuo, TF Blade, BoxBox, Trick2G, Shiphtur, Nightblue3, and Voyboy drafted their teams a week before the tournament. Divided into 2 groups they then played 2 BO1 Round Robins, with the top 2 teams from each group qualifying for the semifinals! The total prize pool of the tournament was $75,000.

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Group A (Credits:
Group A (Credits:

The biggest news of the draft was the Shadow Dogs junglerTarzaned was now with TF Blade. And with Yassuo not picking Trick2G last tournament, the organizers invited the later as a captain to go against the former friend. Later, as Trick2G received news of his girlfriend giving birth, he moved to the Coach position for his team Dirt Dogs.

Group B
Group B

Group Stage: Round Robin

Group Stage ended with a 3-way tie in Group A
Group Stage ended with a 3-way tie in Group A

TF Blade’s team was a cut above everyone as his team Limit Test stomped everyone in Group A. Day 3 had the 3 Teams: Tyler1’s Monster Boss Legends(of swag), BoxBox’s and Voyboy’s Genius Gang all played a triple threat with a spot in the semifinal on the line.

Group B on the other hand was clear as water, with Nightblue3’s Ferrets winning all 6 games and Shiphtur’s Ship Happens dropping only the 2 games to qualify for the semifinals.

Day 3: Tiebreakers and Finals

Day 3 started with group A playing out the Tiebreakers.
Day 3 started with group A playing out the Tiebreakers.

Tyler1 had to face early elimination this time around as his team lost to BoxBox’s team. The last member of Shadowdog’s Unleashed Tarzaned went on a 16 win streak in the Twitch rivals tournament only dropping the game to Shiphtur’s team in the Semi-Finals.

The Finals was a one-sided affair with TF Blade’s team winning 2-0 against Voyboy’s team.

With Twitch Rival coming to an end, fans are now looking forward to LCS, where the best teams from the North American region will compete for the ultimate glory.

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