TFT Confirms Two New Champions and Lunar Origin in Patch 10.1


[Update: The full Patch 10.1 notes have been revealed and should be set to go live on January 8.]

It was confirmed late last month that a new Origin and two new champions will be coming to TFT in Patch 10.1. Leona and Karma will be the two new champions and Lunar will be the new origin, according to the release. Additionally, there will also be several changes to items in 10.1, including the exit of Phantom Dancer and Thornmail.

The full release can be accessed here. Below are images sourced from it on the new Origin and the new champion’s abilities and other information.

karma tft

leona tft

lunar origin tft


These are now live on the PBE. Other items coming on Patch 10.1 include new Little Legends, new items and several updates to items. Stay tuned for more information on those and all other TFT news and updates.



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