Treasure of Twilight Procession brings 9 new items sets to Dota 2


The Outlanders gameplay update is still not live, but Valve ease the painful wait by releasing the first treasure chest after The International 2019. 

Treasure of Twilight Procession comes with seven item sets for Jakiro, Tidehunter, Viper, Storm Spirit, Shadow Demon, Slardar, and Faceless Void, but it also contains a rare item set for Clinkz and a very rare Dark Willow set. From the seven normal drops, the ones that stand out by far are the Brackish Stalker for Tidehunter, which is, in fact, a set created for The International 2019 compendium and voted by the community in the finalists for a treasure back then. There were a couple of Tidehunter sets back then that caught the community’s eyes, therefore the Brackish Stalker set was promised to be added into the game sometime later in the year.

Another impressive set included in this latest treasure from Valve is the one for Faceless Void, who is finally featuring a new head piece. Storm Spirit has also received a new look with the Origins of the Storm Djinn set, inspired from the Aladdin genie.

Dark Willow is the cherry on top of this treasure. The item set is Halloween themed and it contains all the visual elements to transform the Willow into a real Witch of some sorts, with a pumpkin, bat wings and a wizard hat and a black kitten hiding underneath it. The odds of receiving the Dark Willow Saccharine Saboteur items set start at 1:10000, but get better with every chest opened. 

Treasure of Twilight Procession can be purchased for $ 2.49 and the Dota Plus subscribers can transmute six chests into an additional treasure chest and 2000 Dota Plus shards.


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