TSM players on how the Apex Legends meta can improve


With new content, an improved Battle Pass, and now a competitive esports scene, Apex Legends’ season two revitalized a game that many people believed was dying. Despite all these prolific changes, TSM has a few suggestions on how the current meta can be improved.

TSM players and winners of the ESPN EXP Invitational Jordan “Reps” Wolfe, Mac “Albralelie” Kenzie Beckwith, and Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen discussed what they believe could fix character and item imbalances in an interview with Dot Esports.

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Though it looked for a second like @Sentinels could take it from them, @TSM held strong earning the title of the #EXP Apex Invitational Champions! 🏆 🥇: @TSM 🥈: @TeamReciprocity 🥉: @Sentinels A huge thank you to all our teams for joining us and congrats to our winners!

The Longbow sniper, arguably the most essential weapon in the game, is a powerhouse used across all ranks. It’s an accurate gun with little bullet drop off and shoots fairly quickly considering the damage it can deal.

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Albralelie thinks it should be dropped a peg or two. “It’d be good to see the Longbow get nerfed a bit because, right now, it’s the most important gun you can get,” he told Dot Esports.

The Longbow received a minor nerf when the Skullpiercer attachment, a hop-up that increases the sniper’s headshot multiplier, was increased in rarity. Though this made the attachment harder to find, it did little to reduce the gun’s impact.

Albralelie, the number one Pathfinder in the world, also believes the endearing robot needs some love. “Low Profile needs to be taken off Pathfinder. He’s like a seven-foot tall brick of a character, but he has the same debuff that a Wraith and Lifeline have.”

The Low Profile debuff makes legends take an additional five percent damage. This initially helped curb Pathfinder whose inconsistent hitbox made him imbalanced, but he has since been fixed. His large hitbox, coupled with the debuff, make him an easy target.

Reps agreed with his teammate, suggesting that the debuff be taken off of Pathfinder and placed on Wattson instead because of her powerful defensive kit that has altered Apex dramatically.

Due to the uneven loot distribution, Reps also felt that certain items need to be removed from the game. “Another change I would really like to see would be the removal of white armor spawns throughout the map and starting the game with white armor, perhaps, and maybe a white helmet and white backpack,” he said. “Removing items like that would definitely help you get a lot more loot and I think it would be a lot better overall.”

ImperialHal’s suggestion focused on the ending circles, which forces multiple teams to battle in a confined space. “They need to add an extra one or two more circles at the very end of the game because towards the end, that very last circle, is just whoever can spam the most amount of ‘nades, or who has self-res, or who can spam into their portal multiple times,” he said.

This occurrence happened multiple times in last weekend’s X Games Minneapolis, including the final game of the tournament.

In round 12, Fnatic’s Bryan “iShinyGG” McCarthy was able to secure a victory against TSM by throwing multiple grenades in the tiny ring. He then used Wraith’s tactical ability to become invulnerable during the explosions.

As the mid-way point for season two approaches, it’ll be interesting to see more shifts in the Apex meta.


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