VIXX’s Hongbin ultimately decides to halt his Twitch activities indefinitely


VIXX member/game broadcast streamer Hongbin has ultimately decided to halt his activities on ‘Twitch‘ indefinitely. 

Over the past weekend, Hongbin came under fire for his inconsiderate words during a ‘Twitch’ broadcast celebrating his 1-year anniversary as a game broadcast streamer. While intoxicated, Hongbin made derogatory comments about K-Pop idol groups’ music including SHINee and INFINITE, etc. Since the broadcast, Hongbin has made numerous apologize to fans and viewers for his mistakes, and his agency Jellyfish Entertainment also issued a statement of apology to the press. Despite the apologies, netizens are still frowning on the idol’s actions severely. 

As a result, on March 3, Hongbin posted the following via his Twitch community:

“I’ve come to the decision that it is the right thing to stop all of my game broadcast activities for the time being, until I’ve taken enough time to reflect on my poor actions, rethink things through, and establish a direction for myself. I want to thank the viewers who made these game broadcasts possible for the past year, hanging out with me and having fun; once again, I apologize for showing you such a poor side of me.” 


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