Where To Find The Visitor Tape In Greasy Grove


Credit: Epic Games

I have to say, I did not expect The Visitor to sound like this. At first, he seemed like an otherworldly force, a creature of the meteor with untold power wreaking havoc on the island through his reality-breaking rocket. I guess he still might be that, but he also just seems to be sort of a dude, talking in a pretty normal way through audio logs, one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to video game narrative. What he’s talking about is still pretty unclear, not that I expect it to become a whole lot more clear as we discover more tapes. Regardless, these challenges are a fun way to introduce a little more traditional narrative into Fortnite, even if it remains sort of strange. There are more to come, but read on for a map, guide and location for where to find the Visitor Tape in Greasy Grove.

Greasy Grove was always one of my favorite locations, despite having no real distinguishing features. It left us when it got covered up by ice in Season 7, but now it’s back in the form of a rift zone, a small island of green out there in the ice biome. You’re going to want to head into the main taco restaurant to find the tape, and here’s where you’re dropping:

Credit: Epic Games

The tape is in one of the booths: head towards the bathrooms and look to your left to find it. It looks like this:

Credit: Epic Games

Head on in and grab the tape to finish this part of the quest. This is one of the easier Rift Zones to work with because the special ability just makes it rain tacos every once in a while and makes everyone dance while it does so, invulnerable to enemy damage. Which is actually pretty handy when it comes to completing challenges, so don’t worry about it too much. Just be on edge when the tacos stop raining on down.

There are more tapes to be found, so stay tuned. Fortnite is prepping us for something, even if it’s a bit hard to know what, exactly. We’ll have more tapes tomorrow, but I don’t expect them to make much sense.

Here are the locations for the rest of the tapes, and I’ll fill things out when tomorrow’s become available:



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