xQc uses perfect video game analogy to explain French Canadians


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel used a popular video game analogy to explain French Canadians, resulting in an unexpected – but humorous – take on the region.

The former Overwatch League pro was speaking with a viewer in a Discord call when the subject of languages came up. The viewer claimed thatmany Arabian people don’t know how to speak Arabic properly – something xQc found relatable.

Lengyel, a French Canadian himself, seemed to understand what the viewer meant. “That’s kind of like French Canadians, dude,” he said. “Nobody knows how to speak French.”


xQc used video games as a way to make his point about French Canada.

After making this statement, the viewer pondered, “No offense, but what is French Canada? Like, how does it even start? How do you end up being French Canadian?”

“You just spawn in a bad location,” Lengyel joked. “It’s like when you play an online game and you cant choose the place that you start at. Sometimes you roll the dice and you get really lucky and spawn at a good part of the map.”

Some video games allow players to choose where they spawn in. For example, in Call of Duty, players can spawn directly on their teammates. However, at other times, players can begin a round in a completely random location – for better or for worse.

“It’s like in League of Legends, how you spawn in the Shadow Isles,” the viewer remarked, comparing the streamer’s home province to the eerie game location.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Felix agreed. “And then you learn a bunch of skills and a bunch of languages that nobody understands. Then you have to start over again, but you don’t know and you couldn’t know better.”

The viewer went on to ask about Felix’s views on French Canadians as a whole, to which the streamer provided a very honest response.

“Recently, Twitch has been giving out bans to some people when they talk about types of people,” he warned. “If you say something negative about them, they sort of just ban you. But I think when it comes down to French Canadians, I think you’re kind of immune from being banned if you talk sh*t about them, because it’s just too true and too reasonable.”

“I think the truth is, French Canadians online are pretty much all toxic and they’re very unpleasant to be around,” he added. “They’re very defensive and [have a] high ego, but that’s just kind of how the culture is built, you know?”

While it’s unclear if Lengyel was mocking himself with his explanation, it’s understandable for the streamer to use video games as a way to explain things to people in his own abstract way.


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