Zion Williamson drops 29 in Pelicans-Bulls preseason game


The NBA got its first glimpse at what Zion Williamson could really be this season on Wednesday, and it looks pretty impressive. And terrifying for the interior defenders in the league.

In his second preseason game for the New Orleans Pelicans, Williamson posted 29 points on 12-of-13 shooting with four rebounds and four assists in 27 minutes of a 127-125 win over the Chicago Bulls.

Throughout the game, Williamson showed off his trademark versatility scoring the ball. He laid down his trademark dunks, threw in a few lay-ups and, uh, made some free throws too.

Kidding aside, you don’t need to do much else when you’re capable of throwing it down like this.

Obviously, Williamson still has plenty to work on in expanding his offensive game. The basketball world knew that even as he was making highlight after highlight at Duke and being called a generational prospect in the draft process.

However, Williamson provided a decent explanation Wednesday of why — even when other parts of his game are a work in progress — he’s still so exciting. With all the caveats of a preseason game, he is going to run the floor, bully his way in the paint and throw down dunks with the best of them from the get-go.

Like Williamson, the Pelicans still have a lot of work to do, given that they were down 107-86 heading into the fourth quarter and only won on a furious charge from their second unit. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be a top option for League Pass users across the country.

Under head coach Alvin Gentry, the Pelicans are set to be one of the fastest-paced, transition-attacking teams in the league and Williamson is the fast-twitch bowling ball running through the paint that will lead the charge.

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